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    Queeny Army
    By Lemoon Pie Games
    Queeny Army, go arround many levels, fight with the different weapons that you find along the way, use your skills in your favor and defeat the different bosses that you will find your journey through San Romero, liberate your country from a corrupt government, defeating corrupt cops.
    Welcome to Queeny Army In this adventure you will play one of 12 girls who escaped from a foster home/college from the hands of corrupt cops who murdered their classmates and principal. A former commander of the armed forces who comes to meet them decides to help and train them to overthrow the corrupt government headed by the president who is the leader of a criminal organization, and take revenge for what they did to their teacher and classmates. Each girl has a different special ability and exclusive weapons, fight with the different weapons you find along the way, use your skills to your advantage and defeat the different bosses that you will find along your journey through San Romero. At the moment the game is only in English and Spanish but more languages will be added later (not necessary to play). This is a linear game with 6 different levels and 4 different levels of difficulty, each level of difficulty represents a new challenge Caution: This game is extremely difficult, If you do not know how to play the run and gun genre I recommend starting with the easy mode where you have infinite lives ,also you can not save at any time in the game, it is a short but difficult game, Train in easy mode and when you are ready accept the next challenge, you can unlock new and powerful weapons if you finish the game in the different difficulty modes, Good Luck. When you start in Queeny Army you only have one basic weapon (pistols) with infinite ammo, you can find more powerful weapons along the way but with limited ammo to make your way through each level. You can perform normal jumps, you also have a double jump, with the double jump you can damage enemies by jumping over them and you can point your weapon in 8 different directions while in the air. Finally you can slide down walls and jump over them to reach areas inaccessible with normal jumps. Warning: This game contains sexual themes such as references to rape, gender violence and murder, not suitable
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